Secret Cork is a sustainable and cruelty-free luxury brand. Our products are made with the highest quality materials to create sleek, versatile and sophisticated pieces that are an eco-friendly choice in the luxury accessories market.

Our mission is to provide our customers with distinct and purposeful designs that comply with ethical practices. Marrying form, function and style.

We believe it is important to respect nature and use only sustainably sourced humane materials. At Secret Cork, we want and can be an active participant in a better, healthier world.

Secret Cork  is strongly inspired by counterculture, nature, the human rights, music, film, art and literature—passionate people with strong ideals and the courage to live by their own rules.




Each Secret Cork product is designed, created and produced with loving care in Portugal. We create bags that amaze every time for their quality, uniqueness and sophistication in design and form. Seasoned with love and pure Portuguese creativity, to offer women around the world glamour, fun and practicality.

Secret Cork is a different kind of fashion business giving customers an alternative to fast fashion. The fast fashion industry is fueled by insatiable demand for cheap clothing and accessories. Fast fashion has a devastating impact, from sweatshops and child labour to pollution and global warming. Slow Fashion means standing up against exploitation, family separation, slum cities and pollution – all the things that make fast fashion so successful.

We make beautiful garments that are a living blueprint for our values: people and the planet are central to everything we do.

We know that looking good feels good, so we focus on designs that you’ll feel good carrying not only for a season, but for years and years. We want every Secret Cork handbag to be your “forever bag.” Because at “S.C.”, we like to think that we don’t just make handbags—we make friends for life.



Secret Cork products are made with genuine cork fabric. Cork has amazing qualities, it is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable, Durable, Soft, Water Resistant, Buoyant, Stain Resistant, Scratch Resistant, a Natural Insulator and Flame Retardant. 

what is cork? It is a natural material, that is 100% reusable and 100% recyclable, extracted from cork oaks found in forests of the Mediterranean´s western region, without harming the normal development of the species and without damaging the tree. The extracted cork is 100% harnessed. This process actually helps these trees live longer and makes every tree a renewable source of raw material. 

These material, is made into products that incorporate their natural imperfections and are designed to become a part of your life.

Each of us is unique; what we wear should be unique, too. This is why cork fabric is so special, there is no two identical Secret Cork bags.                       

In Secret Cork we believe that supporting ethically run factories is the only way to operate. All of our products are produced in Portugal, to carefully monitor production. Our materials are sourced from suppliers who use green facilities and practice eco-friendly production when possible.


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